LOCI The modular stand. 3 tiered setup


LOCI is the world’s first interlocking, interconnecting, extendable desktop stand.

We got fed up with struggling with studio reshuffles, squeezing loads of equipment into our small studio setups so we came up with this versatile click and lock solution.

All our stands are inter-connectable which means they can easily expand as your studio does.

Primarily developed for the synth and modular market LOCI is however perfect for any electronic gear such as laptops, tablets, controllers, amp, speakers plus DJ and music production equipment.

LOCI products are beautifully detailed being Laser cut from durable, ethically sourced oak veneer.

They’re easy to assemble in seconds with no screws or bolts and pack away flatly making them ideal for gigging.



A great all round stand suitable for most items. A single stand is easily strong enough to take a 6U Eurorack with hardwood case.


The LOCI Dinky is around half the size of its bigger brother the LOCI Classic and is the best choice for smaller items such as most desktop modules, 25 key synths, grooveboxes and controllers.



Attach to either stand to easily add another tier for extra gear. Great for small synths and desktop modules and an extremely useful addition to your LOCI configuration.

Accessory Pack

With this pack you get 2 shelves which can be joined to create a bigger shelf. This allows you to have a discrete, hidden shelf for items such as USB and MIDI interfaces. You also get 2 Mini Wings which can be used in a number of ways. You can extend the length of your stand, add stabilisers for ambitious setups or create a mini tier for smaller items.


LOCI recognise that although wood and wood-related products are comprised of a naturally renewable material, unsustainable and irresponsible harvesting of forests can have severe adverse effects on the environment, local communities, indigenous people of the forest as well as the global economy.

We are passionate about the ethical sourcing of our materials. Using legal, sustainable and responsibly harvested timber over other materials reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and their consequent carbon emissions.

Timber is a natural carbon storing material. It can be used to increase a products ‘life cycle assessment’, has minimal embodied energy (the finished product actually stores carbon) and the ability to change.

Timber is recyclable, biodegradable, insulating and hypoallergenic.

It is the only truly sustainable building material we have.